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by Major Vistas

Released May 2016. Produced by Major Vistas. Mixed by Mike Zirkel. Mastered by Mystery Room.

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Mike Weiser: Keyboards

Chris Bucheit: Guitars




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Major Vistas is the musical partnership of Mike Weiser and Chris Bucheit. The project exists to showcase original, modern instrumental and improvisational music. Major Vistas debut release “Minor Anthems” featured the trio format with Geoff Brady on drums. Major Vistas performs as a duo, trio and quartet depending on the venue and musical opportunity presented. For more information please visit our EPK

Tone Madison:
Madison-based trio Major Vistas’ debut album, Minor Anthems, crafts flowing and subtly ambitious instrumentals from a gentle palette of jazz, rock, and electronic sounds. Chris Bucheit’s mostly clean-toned guitars, Mike Weiser’s electric piano, and Geoff Brady’s drums give these songs an approachable surface, but also give the band a lot of room to explore a variety of textures and feels. Weiser and Bucheit dart around each other through the ascending figures of “Deep Space” as Brady weaves tastefully mutating grooves. “Beginning Mind” uses rich piano chords and delay-streaked guitar loops to craft a melody that’s at once conversational and ominous, with rhythms that alternate between mid-tempo rock and nimble swing. That versatility—and the band’s balance of hooks and improvisation—makes Major Vistas a worthy addition to Madison’s jazz offerings.
Scott Gordon • June 2016

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