Tone Madison January 2017

Instrumental trio Major Vistas made an unassuming but refreshing addition to Madison's jazz landscape with their 2016 debut album Minor Anthems. Guitarist Chris Bucheit, keyboardist Mike Weiser, and drummer Geoff Brady approach tracks like "Cool Voice," "Beginning Mind," and "Bell Tones" with a bit of jazz-inspired complexity and improvisation, but also leave enough space to work in more contemporary cues from jazz and electronic music. The result is a set of compositions that make their points patiently, covering a lot of emotional territory but never crowding out the band's conversational melodies. The cozy and informal Mason Lounge should be a good setting to hear some Minor Anthems tracks and hopefully some new material. —Scott Gordon

Tone Madison Minor Anthems Review

Madison-based trio Major Vistas’ debut album, Minor Anthems, crafts flowing and subtly ambitious instrumentals from a gentle palette of jazz, rock, and electronic sounds. Chris Bucheit’s mostly clean-toned guitars, Mike Weiser’s electric piano, and Geoff Brady’s drums give these songs an approachable surface, but also give the band a lot of room to explore a variety of textures and feels. Weiser and Bucheit dart around each other through the ascending figures of “Deep Space” as Brady weaves tastefully mutating grooves. “Beginning Mind” uses rich piano chords and delay-streaked guitar loops to craft a melody that’s at once conversational and ominous, with rhythms that alternate between mid-tempo rock and nimble swing. That versatility—and the band’s balance of hooks and improvisation—makes Major Vistas a worthy addition to Madison’s jazz offerings. —SG (Scott Gordon)

Major Vistas New Album Minor Anthems Now Available!

Our new album Minor Anthems is now available at the online store of your choice! Available immediately from BandCamp and CD Baby. Available soon from iTunes/Apple Music, Google Music, Spotify and many other digital streaming services. Also available for listening at Soundcloud and YouTube. Check our our Bio page for all the links. You can also listen to all the tracks right here on our music page.